How Many Lines to Use When Playing Slots

One of the most common types of gambling entertainment is slot machines. These software products operate based on RNG, so all gamblers have equal chances of winning. The assortment of slots in online casinos is very rich and diverse. You can play retro models, slots with 3D graphics, machines with bonuses, or progressive jackpots. The distinctive feature of each video slot is the number of paylines.

How Paylines Affect Spin Results

The number of reels in modern machines usually ranges from 5 to more. There are models with 3, 6, and more reels. And the number of paylines varies greatly. Game content developers provide different settings for the lines. Before betting real money, a gambler needs to decide how many lines to activate to get a big win. When creating video slots, manufacturers set the number of lines at their discretion and specify the quantity in the characteristics of the game model. The use of innovative technologies gives good chances of winning. The size of the win depends on the number of paylines. For example:

  • There are 10 lines in the slot;
  • The gambler activates 5 lines;
  • Places a bet of 10 cents, that is, 50 cents in total;
  • A winning combination appears;
  • The player receives a reward – the bet amount multiplied by the payout coefficient.

If the gambler had activated 10 lines, their win would have been twice as much. Lines can intersect or not intersect the central reel. They can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or zigzag. There are potentially many winning combinations that gamblers can collect on different game lines. Sometimes, it’s possible to form winning symbol chains on several paying lines in one spin. Then the size of the win increases. The more lines the player activates, the more money they need to bet per spin. To understand how many paying lines to activate, it’s necessary to carefully study the characteristics of the slot machine and the payout table.

How Many Lines to Use in Slots

Simple video slots contain 5-20 lines. In more complex models, there may be 243, 720, 1024, and more ways to win. There are machines with Allplay, Multiway Xtra, Megaways options where there are no classic lines. Winning combinations are formed from identical symbols arranged in a specific sequence on the screen or regardless of their position on the reels. What to consider when choosing the number of paylines:

  • In some models, you cannot change the number of lines; bets are placed on all lines;
  • In multi-line slots, the variance is lower than in machines with 9-10 lines;
  • Classic and retro slots have high volatility, but the prizes are much larger;
  • When choosing the number of lines, you need to consider the size of the player’s bankroll;
  • In slots with low RTP, there is a high duration of the return cycle, so quick returns should not be expected.

Professional gamblers often choose models with 9-15 paylines. This allows them to receive larger rewards in case of a win. In multi-line slots, wins occur more frequently, but their size does not exceed the amount of money wagered by much. Machines with additional symbols that can expand and occupy several cells also bring good profits.